Why Red Lion Renewables?



 Red Lion Renewables was created after Terry Dvorak recognized the need for financing small solar projects in Iowa.  Having grown up on a farm in central Iowa, the value of reducing waste, improving efficiency, and taking care of our land and overall environment spurred the desire to help fellow Iowans make a greater impact.  By connecting investors large and small with projects in Iowa, we’re making a difference.  We’re helping reduce energy costs for schools, utilities, businesses, and residences and doing so in a financially responsible manner.  After 7 years of telling customers that solar wasn’t quite feasible, the economics have now changed for some customers.  Our mission is to help customers integrate renewable energy where feasible… so you can best spend more of your budget meeting your mission.  Renewables aren’t feasible for everyone, but at Red Lion Renewables, we believe in letting you know straight up whether it is or not. 



 The Red Lion Renewables team has over 60MW of solar experience comprised of projects ranging from a 2 kW demonstration project at the Iowa State Fair to 3 MW of solar carport canopies in New Jersey to 18 MW single-axis trackers in Arizona.  With such vast and diverse project experience, we know the right type of installation and the right installation crew to utilize to meet your needs.  Not all projects are the same and not all contractors are suited for every project type.  We are partnered with a select group of local contractors that meet the quality, safety, and experience you need for your project; each better suited for different project types than others.  With Red Lion Renewables you gain someone who can create the right design and match the right installation crew to match your needs.


 Team Members

 Red Lion Renewables depends on an experienced team of installers, engineers, suppliers, and investors to make sure your project happens on time and within budget.  Whether you own your array or we do, it will be designed and installed to be the 30+year asset it should be.  Only quality components are utilized in our arrays.  Only quality, experienced, contractors are used to install our arrays.  You can be assured your array will be built to last, be maintainable, and perform when working with us.