Is Solar Right For You?


We can help you find out.


Why Solar?  Whether you want to reduce your energy costs, add some predictability to future budgets, or just help the environment, we can help determine whether solar is a good choice or not. 


Why Now?  With energy costs increasing, tax credits expiring, and installation costs on the rise, solar is the most cost-effective now than is predicted for the near future.


Why Red Lion Renewables?  We’re focused on you.  We help you from initial concept and design through installation and financing.  From start to finish and beyond, we’re here to help you make smart decisions.  With a team having over 50MW of solar experience, we help sort through the technology options, provide realistic production and payback projections, and explain the financing options.  We help ensure you have the information to make the right decision for you.  Solar is right for many, but not necessarily for everyone.  If it doesn’t make sense for you, we’ll tell you. 


Our mission is to help you integrate renewable energy where feasible….

So you can spend more of your money meeting your mission.