Investing in solar can be rewarding not only for the investor, but for those benefiting from solar systems.  When you invest in solar projects installed for someone else, you help them benefit from clean renewable energy that can reduce energy costs and help the environment for future generations to enjoy. 

Why Red Lion Renewables and Red Lion Solar Funds?  We’re focused on developing projects that help 3 parties: the customer, the investor, and the public at large.  If it doesn’t help all three, we don’t recommend the project.  We are focused on helping customers save money AND gaining the investor a good return AND doing so in a responsible manner.  Our model is different by design…to make it a win-win-win for all parties involved. 

Investment at this time is limited to accredited investors.  We have multiple investment options for investors in a Red Lion Renewables projects either for individual projects or over a portfolio of projects.

Fill out the form below, email us at, or call us directly at 515.991.4594 and we can go over the details.

Thank you for supporting solar and renewable energy!

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Solar:

1.      Help Customers and Communities. – Solar can be installed and leased to many customers at a rate that saves customers on electricity costs and alleviate limited budgets.  Red Lion Renewables focuses on helping schools, towns, churches, and hospitals.  By reducing customers’ energy budgets, more resources can be spent meeting their missions.  Reduced budgets for customers funded through taxes, often translates into controlling future tax increases.  Investing in the community may indirectly reduce your future taxes as well.  It’s good for the community on multiple levels.

2.      Reduce Taxes. – Solar projects create tax credits and “losses” from depreciation expenses.  These credits and losses can be used to offset tax liabilities for corporations, trusts, and individual investors with passive income.  Solar tax credits are front loaded, improving cash flow.  Instead of sending your dollars to the taxman, you can invest the same dollars in solar projects, gain much of the initial investment back in the first year or two, and earn a return.  (consult your tax accountant). 

3.      Earn a Return. – Yes, investors can gain a good return.  Whether you are investing in tax equity or sponsor equity, good returns can be made.  Once the risks are understood, many consider the return higher than those of similar risk profile.  Investors can exit the fund in just over 5 years.

4.      Combat Climate Change. – Climate change is real.  Transitioning to clean renewable energy sources helps.  Properly designed solar systems provide clean renewable energy for over 30 years.  We all know we should do our part.  Investing in solar makes it so you can do your part.

5.      Make a Difference. – Our solar projects help local schools, towns, cities, fire departments, police departments, churches, and hospitals large and small.  Solar helps educate and demonstrate what can be done about climate change and inspire future generations to help solve problems.  Solar helps combat climate change.  And that helps us all for generations to come.

Why Invest in Solar?