How Can You Help?

You want to make a difference.  But how?  You already know helping others go solar can make a difference and you want to help.  You are ready to do your part and make a difference.  So how do you go about it?

Red Lion Renewables created a way to pool investors and donors to finance projects.   Whereas you may not be able to finance a project on your own or simply want to diversify, being part of the Red Lion Renewables funds can help make a bigger difference.  You decide whether you support a particular project or support the portfolio of projects.

Donate.  The majority of customers are schools, cities, hospitals, or other non-profits and donations to the projects can be tax-deductible.  As part of the donor pool, your donations can help bring the final cost to the customer down and help them even more on their energy bills.  Your donations are leveraged to get the most benefit for the customer.  Making a greater difference.


Invest.  Solar projects are eligible for tax credits, depreciation expenses, and operational revenue.  As an investor you may be able to gain a greater return/impact than a simple donation.  (Consult your tax advisor to determine the extent of benefits for your personal situation.  Available to accredited investors only.) 

Go Solar.  If you haven’t already, consider solar at your home or business.  Red Lion Renewables can help determine what solar can do for you and how much difference you can make.  Take the Net Zero Challenge.  We make getting to net zero easy.  Lead by example.


Spread the Word.  The more donors, investors, and solar goers that get involved, the greater the impact.  So spread the word.  The more solar arrays installed, the more others will want to follow suit.  By being involved you will be creating a solar revolution that grows to something much larger than your own efforts.  Making a greater difference.  Do your part and let others know how they can do their part. 

Together we can make a difference.