Making a Difference!

Helping Others Go Solar!

You Can Help Too!

What mark will you leave on the planet?  We only have one planet.  If you want to help leave a better planet for your children and their children and generations to come, then help us.  Making good things happen takes good people helping.  Here's how you can help:

1,519 kW solar installed


$ 927,226 customer savings projected


3,033,241 lbs CO2 emission saved


35,657 trees planted


What If?

What if we inspired all the children in the state of Iowa?  What if we provided a real world example to learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  What if we included adding native prairie and pollinator species and monarch habitat? What a difference we could make.  What will tomorrow's problem solvers be able to accomplish?


Schools, churches, cities, businesses small and large, and residents.   By providing financing options, we're making it possible for schools, churches, and cities to integrate solar AND save money at the same time.  We're helping them integrate clean solar energy, freeing up budgets, and making a difference. Those freed up budgets help them accomplish more of their mission...more homeless helped, more hungry fed, more students taught, more impact made.  Using clean solar energy is no longer a financial decision.  It's a moral one.  Simply put, if you want to use solar energy to make a difference, you can without it costing you more.